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Bliss and Creativity

DonaldI went to the Bethesda course in early August for 5 days, and again in the first week of September for 5 days, before my school teaching schedule kicked in and it became more difficult to find time. 

I have been traveling a great deal this summer, giving concerts abroad and all over the US, and continuing in the fall, but I would have to say that since starting the course and continuing long programs at home afterwards, my life has become immeasurably more enjoyable and productive. Recording projects that I have put off more months got done in a matter of days, and without much effort on my part, other than the time put in. I am more focused and am enjoying the work more. 

Reactions to my performances (some with my meditating wife) have been completely positive and more work is coming in as a result. People come up to us afterwards and ask if we can come to their city and do more performances.

My desires seem to be fulfilled more easily, and very spontaneously. I made a trip to Seattle in September just after returning from Bethesda, and wherever I went, it seemed that I was always in the right place at the right time, meeting interesting people and having wonderful experiences.

In program I have been sitting on the foam for a long time, but since the course, I've been hopping in almost every program, sometimes for long periods at a time and it's extremely enjoyable. My family life is very smooth, and my trip to Italy these past two weeks resulted in more contacts, unexpected meetings, delightful encounters with Italian Sidhas, and more energy than I remember from previous trips there.

Coming home I have not experienced the kind of jet lag that I have in the past, and have been receiving more work offers out of nowhere. I am just hoping that I can find the time to get out to Fairfield as soon as possible and soak up some more of this incredible bliss that's pouring out now.

Jai Guru Dev!


* * *

I’m a commercial real estate agent from the Cleveland area. When the Invincible America course was announced, I was in the middle of negotiating the largest deal of my career. My client, a buyer from California, wanted to buy a 60-unit apartment complex. We had gotten the transaction in contract months ago, but at this point the buyer and seller were disagreeing about some very significant issues. The deadline for the loan to expire was rapidly approaching, and no one could figure out how to resolve these differences.

I had heard that Maharishi had said, “Close the eyes and transcend, then come out and cash in.” I decided to take him up on his words and left for Fairfield. I did the long programs morning and evening, and for a couple of hours in the afternoons I worked on my transaction by phone, fax, and internet.

Miraculously, creative solutions arose for all the problems, everyone got what they wanted in the deal, and the transaction closed about 10 days after I arrived.

I stayed for about three weeks, and during that time I made good progress on other transactions as well. In fact, I was clearly making more progress here, working 3 hours a day, than I did at home, where I work 8-10 hours a day!

I went home for two weeks to show some properties and take care of other things, then returned to Fairfield about a week and a half ago. Again during this trip, nature seems to be supporting my business here better than at home. I just had a client make an offer on a multi-million dollar property, and I am seeing other things come together while I’m here that continue to surprise and me and make me grateful for the support of nature.

By the way, in Ohio I live and work in a Stapathya-Veda home. Perhaps being here is like being in a huge Mahavastu!

I am organizing my life to be able to be here about 50% of the time, so I can enjoy both business success and the bliss and growth of consciousness afforded by the marvelous program and the large group of Yogic Flyers.

Hope this is helpful.


John Fitch

Do you have a success story from the Invincible America Assembly?
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